A picture hands typing at a keyboard. If you need to reach NLR you can email us info@nlr-green.com or call us at 877-822-4733.

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Important Information

Deliveries or Pick-ups: 

By appointment only

Receiving Hours:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays only
  • NEW HOURS 6am to 1:30pm EST
  • 24 hours notice required

Corporate Office Hours:

7am to 5pm EST

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Our Locations

Corporate Offices

Our main office is located next to the lamp processing facility. It is part of the industrial complex at 256 Main St. East Windsor, CT 06088.

  •   Corporate Office: 256 Main St. Suite B, East Windsor, CT 06088
  •   Mailing Address: 256 Main St. P.O. Box 680, East Windsor, CT 06088
  •   Phone: 877-822-4733
  •   Fax: 860-292-1114
  •   Email:info@nlr-green.com

Lamp Processing

Our lamp processing facility is located next store to our corporate office and nearby our UWH warehouse for quick turn around of your spent lamps.

  •   Lamp Processing Facility: 250 Main St., East Windsor, CT 06088
  • If you would like to reach someone in processing please call our local number
  •   Phone: 860-292-1992

UWH Warehouse

Our Universal Waste Housing Warehouse is located minutes from I-91 and near our offices and lamp processing facility for quick sorting of your universal wastes.

  •   UWH Warehouse: 8 Craftsman Rd., East Windsor, CT 06088
  • If you would like to reach someone in our warehouse please call our local number
  •   Phone: 860-292-1992

Looking for SRT (Southeast Recycling Technologies)?

If you’re looking for our sister company SRT they can be reached here:

  • Toll free: 1-(800)-592-3970
  • Direct line: (423) 282-2022

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