A Picture of Different Motherboards and Circuit boards. NLR recycles all types of electronic e-waste including computers and computer equipment, consumer electronics, and office products.

E-Waste and IT Assets

Why NLR recycles E-Waste.

There are millions of smartphones, computers, laptops, and other electronics that we rely on each and every day. As technology use increases, the amount of E-Waste we generate rises as well. While some of these electronics are still functional and can be refurbished, others have a short lifespan and quickly become waste. These electronics need to be recycled not only to reduce landfill, but because most electronics contain hazardous compounds. Computers, monitors, and most E-Waste with circuit boards and microchips contain amounts of lead, phosphorous, cadmium, or mercury. While newer flat screen monitors may contain less levels of lead, they still contain valuable resources like copper. That is why the government classifies them as universal waste and why NLR helps businesses of all sizes to recycle their E- Waste.

Accepted E-Waste Items

picture of a oval containing several E-Waste items including laptops, computer accessories, and circuit boards. NLR recycles many different types of E-Waste.

Computer Equipment

NLR recycles computers, laptops, monitors, accessories and cables, towers, and more…

Picture of two speakers, a media player, 3 different types of cell phones, and two different cameras. NLR recycles E-Waste including small consumer electronics.

Consumer Electronics

NLR recycles small consumer electronics, including cell phones, smartphones, digital cameras, game consoles, media players, tv’s and other video and audio equipment.

A picture of a printer, fax machine, and office phone. NLR recycles E-waste including many different types of office electronics.

Office Products

NLR recycles fax machines, printers, scanners,phone systems, servers,and other office electronics.

picture of two hard drives. NLR recycles E-Waste and can help securely destory your hard drives.

Hard Drives

NLR can help securely dispose of your hard drives. We work with NAID certified vendors which is the gold standard for data protection.

Picture of a small ink cartridge and a larger toner cartridge. NLR recycles E-waste including ink and toner.

Ink and Toner

NLR can help recycle your ink and toner.

A small portion of NLR's accepted E-Waste policy. NLR recycles E-Waste and other universal waste.

E-Waste Accepted Items Policy

Please see our accepted items policy to see what E-Waste Items we recycle and what items are not accepted. Unaccepted items could incur additional charges or returns of off-spec electronics. View our accepted E-Waste policy here.

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Featured Services

White-glove Truckload Pickup

Have a recurring stream of universal waste? Enjoy the convenience of an email or call-in to schedule a pick-up, or set up recurring weekly or monthly pick-ups. Recurring pick-ups can be automatically scheduled, no phone call required. Let, NLR’s fully licensed and permitted fleet of vehicles and drivers safely transport your universal waste. Recycling universal waste doesn’t have to be a burden. We do pick-up right.

Why Recycling E-Waste Responsibly Matters.

NLR makes sure your E-Waste recycling is transparent. Unfortunately there are alot of so-called “recyclers” out there, who take the good intentions of E-Waste recycling and turn it into an environmental and humanitarian disaster. This means they ship E-Waste overseas where oversight and best practices are not in place. Electronic waste or E-Waste still has some intrinsic value to it even after it is found to be non-functional. Many of the high-end electronics have rare earth materials involved in their chips and boards and these resources should be salvaged and recovered, rather than simply discarded.

When E-Waste is exported it causes a greater negative impact. Hazardous components are mismanaged and cause contamination and exported waste causes a humanitarian issue by significantly risking the health and safety for toxic exposures to the recyclers, who are frequently women and children. At NLR, we think the export of E-Waste is unacceptable, and detrimental to our planet. We work with only certified downstream vendors to make sure E-Waste stays here in the U.S. where it can be handled responsibly.

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