Lamps and Bulbs

Why NLR recycles lamps (light bulbs).

All fluorescent and HID lamps contain mercury and need to be disposed of carefully and lawfully.

  • Never outsourced, NLR’s in-house lamp recycling technology is designed to accept both whole lamps and bulbs, as well as pre-crushed lamps of all kinds and sizes. Through a proprietary process, fluorescent lamps are conveyed into our processor, which then separates the lamps into component of glass, aluminum, plastic and mercury-bearing phosphor powder. Aftermarkets and further recycling procedures finalize the process.
  • NLR recycles all linear styles such as 2ft, 4ft and 8 ft fluorescent tubes.
  • NLR recycles many different styles of mercury containing and non-mercury lamps and light bulbs (see below…)
Picture of 4ft linear lamps in a box. NLR recycles all different lengths of T5, T8, AND T12 Linear Fluorescent Lamps.

Accepted Lamps

All Mercury Containing Lamp Styles

Picture of of two 4ft linear lamps in a box. NLR recycles all different lengths of T5, T8, AND T12 Linear Fluorescent Lamps.

Linear Lamps

NLR recycles all linear styles 2ft, 4ft, and 8 ft fluorescent tubes.

A picture of two CFL bulbs and one pin lamp. NLR recycles CFL bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, pin lamps, and other universal waste.

CFL and PL

NLR recycles all different styles of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) bulbs and Pin Lamps (PL) bulbs.

Picture of 3 different style of HID/ HPS lamps. NLR recycles all different styles of HID and HPS lamps.


NLR recycles all styles of High Intensity Discharge HID lamps and High Pressure Sodium HPS lamps.

Picture of two different biax lamps. NLR recycles all styles of biax lamps.


NLR recycles all biax lamps.

A picture of U-Shape or U lamp. NLR recycles U-shape or U-lamps.


NLR recycles all sizes of U-Shape lamps.

A picture of two different circleline lamps. NLR recycles circleline and other mercury containing lamps.


NLR recycles all different styles of circleline lamps.

Picture of an ultraviolet bulb and a germicidal bulb. NLR recycles lamps and mercury containing bulbs.


NLR recycles other mercury containing lamps like ultraviolet or germicidal lamps.

A picture of a hazardous waste metal drum. NLR recycles lamps and hazardous waste lamps that have already been crushed by a drum top crusher. NLR recycles lamps and other universal waste.

Hazardous Waste Lamps

Hazardous waste transport also available for crushed lamps. NLR can help recycle your waste from drum top crushers.

All Non-Mercury Lamp Styles

A picture of three different incandescent bulbs. NLR recycles all incandescent bulbs and other lamps.


NLR recycles all incandescent bulbs.

Picture of 3 LED light bulbs. NLR recycles LED bulbs and many other style lamps.


NLR recycles LED lamps and bulbs

Picture of 3 different PAR flood lamps. NLR recycles PAR flood and other lamps.

PAR Flood

NLR recycles all styles of PAR Flood Lamps.

Picture of 3 different halogen bulbs. NLR recycles halogen bulbs and other lamps.


NLR recycles all styles of Halogen Lamps.

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White-glove Truckload Pick-up

Have a recurring stream of universal waste? Enjoy the convenience of an email or call-in to schedule a pick-up, or set up recurring weekly or monthly pick-ups. Recurring pick-ups can be automatically scheduled, no phone call required. Let, NLR’s fully licensed and permitted fleet of vehicles and drivers safely transport your universal waste. Recycling universal waste doesn’t have to be a burden. We do pick-up right.

National Mail-back Program

Our BakPak program is as simple as pack-ship-done. We pre-label all containers identifying your location. No additional administration is required by the customer. Just pack the container and call FedEx for pick-up.

Lamps are fed through conveyor belt
or manual inlet.

Phase 1: Intake

Lamps and bulbs are physically de-manufactured
and the machine begins separating glass
and metal components.

Phase 2: Crushing

The machine separates glass and metal
components while cleaning them of
phosphor powder. Phosphor powder
is captured and retained for later retort
and reclamation processes.

Phase 3: Filtration and Cleaning

During phases 1-3, the air is
constantly filtered to keep loose
phosphor powder from escaping
and causing mercury contamination.

Air Filtration

Lamp Processing

Why Recycling Mercury Containing Lamps Is Important

Recycling lamps is important to keep mercury vapor out of the environment. While not all lamps contain mercury, those that do can pose an environmental and health risk, especially in large quantities. When the mercury in most lamps joins with calcium phosphate powder the potential for exposure widens. Intentionally broken or improperly disposed of lamps release mercury vapor into the atmosphere where it can be either inhaled by people in the vicinity or enters the water cycle returning as rain. The mercury contaminates the water table, our waterways, the fish that swim in them, and ultimately the human bodies of those who consume those fish.

A picture of a broken fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent tubes should be recycled carefully and lawfully to keep mercury contamination out of the environment. NLR recycles fluorescent lamps and light bulbs.

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